The Perfect Guide to Making the Right Tuxedo Decision


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Tuxedo is a classic attire that makes men look classy and elegant. But, some men make the wrong decisions in terms of their choice of tuxedo. In terms of a black tie event, it is important to stick to the classic tuxedo instead of adding unnecessary patterns and colors.

Below is a guide that will help you with your tux decision:


In terms of tuxedos, you must choose the shade of dark jet black. This can include a black tux or a dark Persian blue. A couple of sets of black will definitely be good to go.

Jacket Style

A single- or double-breasted jacket is always a good choice. Most men choose a single-breasted jacket because it is easy to find one. Also, the right jacket must have either a peaked lapel or a shawl collar. Peaked lapel has a little pattern below the neckline while shawl collar is a smooth drop collar that has medium thickness, tapering at the end with a plunging neckline.

With or Without a Vent?

A side vent can be okay; however, it is best to not have vents at all. Avoid a center vent at the back. Tuxedos that do not have vents tend to look more disciplined than those with vents. But, again, you need to consider your comfort when making this choice.


Ensure your trousers are of the same fabric as the jacket. Also, there must be a line on the trousers’ outside side on both legs. Tuxedo trousers don’t have to have a belt look because you will wear it a little higher. Think about using suspenders.

Evening Shirt

A white shirt will make a great contrast with your black tux. In terms of tuxedo shirt for men, choose folded French cuff with cufflinks. Also, consider pleats instead of plain shirts. You can wear shirts without buttons. Studs or cufflinks are used on these shirts instead. These accessories must be metal which matches your jewelry or belt buckle.

Bow Tie

Avoid choosing fancy colors or patterned bow-ties. Remember that you are aiming at achieving a classic look here. You can choose a semi-butterfly, full-butterfly, conical end or straight end bow tie.


To complete your classic look, wear shoes with shiny leather or oxfords that have the same dress leather finish.  If you want the best final look, choose Bellmore oxfords.


If you don’t want to use suspenders, think about sock garters. Ensure you wear a watch that has black leather. Wear black socks that have a nice tight fit.

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