Male Diamond Engagement Rings – An Increasing Market


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Thanks for visiting the twenty-first century, whereby some households, the roles from the men and women are rather unconventional. The person stays home and cooks for the children, as the lady pursues an encouraging career. Proposals aren’t any different. Women today have began buying male diamond engagement rings obtain for their partners.

Male diamond engagement rings, also fondly termed “mangagement rings,” works as a symbol that the man is committed and potential get married. It’s progressively gaining recognition and jewellery companies have today’s modern women by way of thanking. They feel that there are no problem with asking their man to marry them. They believe that it is practical particularly in occasions of recession. Much more when the woman’s wages are similar, or in some instances, even greater than their male partners. They feel it’s unfair to place the whole financial burden around the man simply because of tradition. Previously, more rights received by society towards the men. The ladies had less control of their financial status. But since women for example Mary Wollstonecraft (Mother of Feminism) fought against for gender equality, tables have switched.

There’s a particular debate, however, on whether case an advertising and marketing strategy through the jewellery industry. Others say it’s a brilliant technique to improve their sales. It had been exactly the same factor they allegedly maneuvered during the 1940s. The diamond engagement rings began to become crafted using gold. They marketed that by utilizing precious materials for diamond engagement rings, the connection will prosper. Compared, male diamond engagement rings are less costly than women’s rings. The types of materials getting used for male diamond engagement rings nowadays are individuals appropriate for deterioration. What this means is using materials for example:





carbon fibre

Since males are relatively more active compared to women, the sturdiness from the ring is extremely considered. Another factor that must be considered was the man’s personality. Let us face the facts, some males are not keen to the thought of putting on a “mangagement ring.” It’s all regulated due to the cliche that jewelries are suitable for women. This is exactly why today’s latest designs are not only seen restricted to the normal silver and gold bands. Male diamond engagement rings are sporting black and grey colors and carbon fibre materials. Many are black with tribal engraving, fit for males who’re into tattoos and fancies similar art. Designs can be manufactured to fit your practical needs and aesthetic taste.

Others really oppose this latest trend. They still still find it the person who should really offer a woman. However the jewellery information mill all smiles about this recently sprouting market. A jewellery store reported there are around 25 women customers weekly asking about male diamond engagement rings. The end result is, the popularity has began which is most likely not going anywhere soon. Buying male diamond engagement rings is really a choice between partners. Much like choices between black and white-colored, others do not have to enjoy it. Getting choices is definitely much better than getting limitations.

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