How Hair Loss and Baldness Affects a Person Psychologically


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People who are experiencing hair loss worry about their changed looks. But, aside from this physical effect, hair loss or baldness can affect them emotionally and psychologically. Suffers will start to worry about what people will say. While some people with hair loss accept their condition immediately, others feel devastated.

Understanding the legitimacy of one’s emotional distress as a result of hair loss is important to address the problem right away. Below are some of the psychological and emotional impacts of hair loss on a person:

Loss of Confidence

Because hair loss affects how a person looks, it can impact their confidence in themselves. This loss of confidence is usually associated with women who usually have a tough time adjusting to it.  Depression that is associated with hair loss can develop in many ways:

  • Social connections. Hair loss or baldness can greatly affect a person’s social activities like dating and relationships. Younger people with hair loss think they are no longer desirable. They may even think they don’t deserve their partners.

  • Work performance. Some studies show that bald job applicants can be rejected by employers because they look older. Also, employed people who are losing their hair may be losing their self-esteem which results in poor performance at work. They will no longer have the confidence to converse with people and lose their edge to perform better in their chosen field.


People who encounter more challenges dealing with their hair loss can experience depression. This has to do with the chronic stress of losing their hair. Some people feel as if they lost control over their lives after they lost their hair. They worry about not being able to get their hair back. Some of those who are suffering from hair loss are even diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive behavior and body dysmorphic disorder.

Coping with Hair Loss

Although losing hair is distressing, hair loss can be treated, especially as laser therapy is already available. A lot of laser touch one reviews can attest to the effectiveness of this treatment option. Other hair loss treatments include hair regeneration treatments, hair loss medications, and even surgical hair transplantation.

Sufferers can cope with the psychological effects of hair loss by reminding themselves that their condition is not life-threatening and there is a good solution to their problem. It can also help to consult with a mental health professional. Having somebody to support them will speed up their recovery.

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