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The most wonderful feeling when you work with children is knowing every little thing that makes them happy. Being an educator means being aware that every child is special in their own little ways. Last week at school, I made them write the activities they love to do at home. If you must know, I work with six-year-olds so you know they can be a handful at times but you got to love them. I do this every year and I know what to expect but much to my surprise, there are some that stood out and I can’t just shake the memory in my head. I remember sending them home and met some of their parents picking them up in the hallway. I went home and started reading the papers one by one. 11 out of 15 kids in my class mentioned they have makeup bonding activities with their family most especially their mothers. I got curious as a mother of 2 lovely girls myself. I felt like I was missing something out. So the next day, I pulled each of them aside and asked why they love doing makeup at home. Surprisingly, the kids told me their parents or someone in the family bought them the makeup. I was skeptical but still curious until I bumped into one of the parents and found out that the makeup is made especially for kids! They’re called Petite n Pretty and they made their products or each shade and formula is developed to be age-appropriate.

I did more research and I am so happy to find that they got the stamp of approval trifecta which means they are the best safe kids makeup. All products are pediatrician approved, dermatologist approved, and ophthalmologist approved. They developed paraben free makeup and that’s their priority because their purpose is to help moms become at ease and have nothing to worry about when it comes to makeup that their kids can use safely. It is amazing how they came up with this fantastic idea! I was so excited that I had to buy some for my daughter! I especially love their new Pink Pact Deluxe 10K Shine Lip Gloss. It has a lightweight formula but has mega shine, cushion, and flavor with its own cute and custom-sized applicator. Definitely great for kids as they are proven non-toxic makeup. When I learned about them, I totally realized I missed this out big time! My mind is put at ease as they make cruelty-free makeup. This means their products are not tested on animals. I take it as a great example for kids to love animals. They don’t intend to test their products on animals in the future anyway.

Seeing how happy and excited my daughter is when she saw this for the first time made my heart melt. It was then that I realized, putting on this amazing safe kids makeup is our best bonding moment at home. The shades are unbelievably stunning. They smell great too! They have registered Cloud Mine as their own trademark for their product. They committed to using the highest quality raw materials available and put every formula through rigorous safety testing, including testing for heavy metals, patch testing and completing stability and compatibility testing.  They make sure to audit the factories they partner with to ensure high-quality products as they follow the GMP system or also known as the Good Manufacturing Practices system. completely agree with Petite n Pretty’s goal to inspire and encourage creativity through a kid’s beauty journey right from the beginning! They will be successful adults in the future.

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