Everything You Wanted To Know About Sustainable Fashion!


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Every activity on this planet affects it one way or the other. Globally, we have been talking about sustainable moves in varied industries, with focus on reducing negative environmental impact. From reducing the use of single-use plastics to opting for reusable and recyclable products, the shift might seem slow but has been steady. The contemporary consumer is more aware and willing to take the right step towards improving the condition of the planet. Sustainable fashion, as the name implies, applies the concept of sustainability to the fashion world. Here’s what you need to know.

What exactly is sustainable fashion?

Also called eco fashion, sustainable fashion is seen as a better choice to fast fashion. While the concept dates back a long time, sustainable fashion really became a matter of conversation in late 1980s, when brands like ESPRIT started working towards it. The impact of different fibers used for production was considered. There are many aspects of sustainable fashion to be honest, because every move that happens within the walls of fashion manufacturing has some impact or the other on the environment. From the source and nature of the fiber to the process that involves in turning fiber into clothing, to the carbon footprint of the concerned material, many things are considered. Change Makers In Sustainable Clothing are those who have taken every step to focus on reducing the effects on the environment, and this can take time.

Being realistic

To be honest, fashion probably can never be 100% sustainable, and there are many reasons for it. Firstly, we are not just focused on manufacturing eco-friendly fashion, but also to what happens to it later. For example, when you wash your cotton clothes in the washer, you use a detergent. In all likeliness, that detergent is not green or eco-friendly. As such, we have to choose what works best for use. Upcycling and recycling are two aspects that actually can help, and we have to be careful about the products we choose. Eventually, a bunch of brands are trying hard to focus on varied aspects of creating sustainable fashion, and our support for such brands does matter.

Take the leap, focus on using natural fibers, and use more green cleaning products. Every step and move counts, because we just have one planet, and saving it isn’t a choice anymore. Check online to find more on sustainable fashion and brands that practice it.

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